08/21/2019 18:41 EDT

Enough With The False Rumors, Nikki Haley Has Just Inspired A Meme

The former U.N. ambassador did a bad job of stopping the chatter but a great job of creating a meme.

Nikki Haley thought she was squashing rumors on Wednesday. Instead, she inspired a new meme.

The former U.N. ambassador posted this cryptic — and seemingly random — tweet expressing her support for Vice President Mike Pence:

Mediaite.com speculated that Haley was referring to chatter in Republican circles that President Donald Trump might drop Pence and put her on the 2020 ticket.

Trump, for his part, has insisted that Pence will be his running mate once again.

Of course, the tweet did more to raise questions about the supposed “false rumors” than it did to quash them — which some suspected was her intent all along.

Haley did such a good job of dismissing the “false rumors” that the White House was forced to comment on them.

On the bright side, the tweet inspired many Twitter users to do what they do best: Make jokes, this time using her phrase, “Enough of the false rumors.”

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