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Updated: 4th February 2020 23:2425 Mouthwatering Lilikoi Treats To Eat In Hawaii | HuffPost Canada Travel

25 Mouthwatering Lilikoi Treats To Eat In Hawaii

Everything is better with passion fruit.

There are countless reasons to visit Hawaii ― the beautiful landscapes, the rich culture, the deep history, the incredible beaches and, of course, the delicious food.

Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands can expect to find fresh poke, spam musubi, kalua pork, poi and more. But for those with a sweet tooth, look no further than all things lilikoi.

Lilikoi is the Hawaiian name for the passion fruit that grows on the islands. It’s a tropical fruit filled with seeds, and its sweet and tart flavor makes it a great ingredient for both desserts and savory dishes.

Over the years, many chefs and bakers have found creative ways to implement lilikoi into their offerings, from lilikoi malasadas and pancakes to lilikoi ice cream to a variety of lilikoi pies. We’ve rounded up 25 mouthwatering lilikoi food items you can eat in Hawaii.

Lilikoi Key Lime Pie
You may think of key lime pie as a Florida staple, but Sugar Beach Bake Shop on Maui has a famous lilikoi key lime pie that gives the sweet treat a Hawaiian twist.
Lilikoi Pancakes
Visitors to Moke's Bread & Breakfast in Kailua on the island of Oahu rave about the lilikoi pancakes — a fluffy stack topped with creamy lilikoi sauce.
Lilikoi Malasadas
Malasadas are a Hawaiian specialty, with many cream-filled varieties like lilikoi. Donut Dynamite on Maui sells delicious lilikoi malasadas.
Lilikoi Ice Cream
Of course, lilikoi is also an ice cream flavor in Hawaii. Coconut Glen's Ice Cream on Maui offers a vegan version.
Lilikoi Chiffon Pie
Hamura Saimin Stand in Lihue on Kauai is famous for its saimin (a classic noodle soup dish) and its lilikoi chiffon pie.
Lilikoi Bread
You can find lilikoi bread at Honolulu Coffee, which has locations throughout Hawaii. A variety of smaller businesses also offer lilikoi bread — like Aunty Lia's Baked Goods at the Maui Swap Meet.
Lilikoi Gelato
There are many kinds of frozen lilikoi treats, including lilikoi gelato, which is available at spots like Gypsea Gelato on the Big Island and Maui's Hawaii Gelato and Ono Gelato Company in Lahaina.
Lilikoi Kombucha
The Maui-based Valley Isle Kombucha offers a local lilikoi flavor, among others that showcase iconic food staples of Hawaii.
Lilikoi Butter Mochi
Butter mochi is a simple, bite-sized treat typically made with butter, coconut and glutinous rice flour. You can get lilikoi versions at Waiahole Poi Factory and Kahuku Farms, both on Oahu.
Lilikoi Shave Ice
Shave ice is a popular treat in Hawaii, and many establishments offer lilikoi flavor. Waiola Shave Ice in Honolulu, Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice on Maui and Kula Shave Ice in Hilo on the Big Island are a few such spots.
Lilikoi Chiffon Cake
Sugar Beach Bake Shop also makes a number of specialty cakes, including lilikoi chiffon cake.
Lilikoi Macarons
If you want a small taste of French-Hawaiian fusion, you can try some lilikoi macarons, which are available at the Oahu-based chain La Tour Café.
Lilikoi Margarita
There are many ways to enjoy the taste of lilikoi in a cocktail, such as lilikoi margaritas. Ko Restaurant in Wailea is one of many places that serve them.
Lilikoi Cinnamon Roll
Visitors and residents of Hawaii can buy lilikoi cream cheese, and Hanalei Bread Company on Kauai even offers a lilikoi cinnamon roll topped with lilikoi cream cheese frosting.
Lilikoi Dressing
You can even get your lilikoi fix on salads with Lanai Wai Juice Truck's lilikoi dressing, available in Lanai City.
Lilikoi Pizza
Another way to incorporate lilikoi into your savory food is this lilikoi pork pizza from Maui's Outrigger Pizza Company in Kihei.
Lilikoi Lemonade
Wow Wow Lemonade, which has locations in Oahu and Maui, sells lilikoi lemonade and lilikoi strawberry lemonade.
Lilikoi Chocolate Mousse
The most iconic dessert at Mama's Fish House on Maui is the Polynesian Black Pearl — lilikoi chocolate mousse in a pastry seashell.
Lilikoi Bars
Sugar Beach Bake Shop's arsenal of lilikoi treats also includes bars with chocolate. There are also chocolate-free versions at places like Raintree Bakery Coffeehouse and Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery in Honolulu.
Lilikoi Iced Tea
Another lilikoi-flavored beverage is lilikoi iced tea, which is available at a number of coffee shops and bakeries, including Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery.
Lilikoi Roulade
Another decadent way to enjoy lilikoi is the lilikoi roulade at Fabiani's Bakery and Pizzain Kihei.
Lilikoi Ice Cream Sandwich
Available across Oahu, Uncle's Ice Cream Sandwiches features a lilikoi flavor.
Lilikoi Cheesecake
A variety of bakeries and restaurants offer lilikoi cheesecake, including but certainly not limited to Rise And Shine Cafe on Oahu, The Right Slice on Kauai and Fabiani's Bakery and Pizza.
Lilikoi Cookies
Lilikoi is a flavor option for packaged cookies as well. Many brands like Diamond Bakery are even available outside Hawaii.
Lilikoi Butter
You can spread sweet lilikoi goodness on pretty much anything. There are many local butter and jelly brands that make lilikoi butter, which is sold in grocery stores, general stores (like Puako General Store on the Big Island), flea markets and more.