05/19/2019 04:10 EDT | Updated 05/20/2019 15:30 EDT

Leslie 'Dracarys' Jones Goes Scorched Earth On Abortion Bans On 'Weekend Update'

"You can’t control women because, I don’t know if y’all heard, but women are the same as humans," she fumes on "Saturday Night Live."

Things got serious fast on the “Weekend Update” segment of “Saturday Night Live” Saturday when Leslie Jones got downright furious about state abortion ban legislation in America, such as the bill passed in Alabama.

She began in a red “Handmaid’s Tale” cloak, then removed it to reveal a T-shirt with an arrow pointing down under the message: “Mine.”

Jones showed photos of the 25 white GOP Alabama state senators — all men — who voted last week for the most restrictive abortion law in America, making it a felony in the state for a doctor to perform an abortion in nearly all cases.

“This looks like the cast of a Lipitor commercial,” Jones sneered. “This look like mugshots of everyone arrested at a massage parlor. If any of them had lips I would tell them to kiss my entire ass.”

The audience loved it.

An angry Jones added: “You can’t control women because, I don’t know if y’all heard, but women are the same as humans. And I’m Leslie ‘Dracarys’ Jones. Why do all of these weird-ass men care what women choose to do with their bodies? I don’t care what you do with your 65-year-old droopy-ass balls.”

The fact that “nine states are doing this means this really is a war on women,” Jones warned, and re-emphasized: “You can’t tell me what to do with my body.”

An “SNL” sketch spoofing “The View” also tackled the issue. Kate McKinnon as Joy Behar slammed the Alabama senators who are “so concerned with what happens to a six-week fetus because they all look like one.” 

Check out Jones in the video above and “The View” spoof below (wait for Paul Rudd’s Pete Buttigieg):