12/10/2018 20:15 EST | Updated 12/10/2018 20:21 EST

Jon Voight Appears Game To Be Trump's Chief Of Staff, And Hilarity Ensues

When CNN asked the Oscar-winning actor if he was going to succeed John Kelly, he said his credentials are ready.

As President Donald Trump searches for a new chief of staff to replace John Kelly, there is one well-known but unorthodox candidate who may be willing to consider the job: actor Jon Voight.

On Monday, CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins saw the Oscar-winning actor visit the White House and even go to the briefing room. 

Naturally, she asked if he was going take the chief of staff position, and Voight didn’t deny it.

According to Collins, he simply said his credentials are ready.

Although Voight was most likely joking about the chief of staff opening, just the thought of how that might work was enough to inspire Twitter users to just imagine the possibilities.

Some people did point out Voight is not without political experience.

And there was one person who was willing to support Voight in the position ― with a caveat.

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