11/07/2019 13:46 EST

Jason Momoa Has A Manly Day With James Corden And It's A Hoot

The "See" star and the "Late Late Show" host rode motorcycles, shot arrows and cracked whips in a "2 Hours Off" segment.

“See” actor Jason Momoa is the type of guy who rides motorcycles, shoots arrows and cracks whips.

James Corden is... not.

Their dynamic generated lots of laughs as they engaged in Momoa’s pastimes during a “Late Late Show” segment Wednesday called “2 Hours Off.”

“I’ve never felt like less of a man,” the host said.

The afternoon took a tense turn when the “Aquaman” star prepared to fire an arrow at an apple on Corden’s head ― while blindfolded.

Well, at least the comedy was on target.

Watch the segment above.