03/15/2019 08:34 EDT

Cardi B Lasciviously Licks Her iHeartRadio Award And Thanks Her Haters

The rapper again put her critics on blast in accepting the Hip-Hop Artist of the Year honor.

You didn’t think she was going to just say thanks, right?

Cardi B accepted her Hip-Hop Artist of the Year honor at the iHeartRadio Music Awards Thursday by giving her critics and her trophy a lighthearted tongue-lashing.

And she did it with gratitude.

“I gotta thank my haters, you know what I’m saying,” the absent rapper said in a video shown at the awards show, seen below. “Because y’all be saying mean things and y’all be thinking those mean things is gonna discourage me. But that just makes me go harder, because if everybody give me compliments, then, you know, I get comfortable.”

She cackled and added: “So you actually make me go harder. So thank you!”

Then she licked her shiny award ― but not like an ice cream cone.

Not surprisingly, she wanted to make sure fans saw her speech.

Cardi B also won Best Collaboration for “Finesse” with Bruno Mars.