08/02/2018 09:15 EDT | Updated 08/02/2018 10:06 EDT

Aeroméxico Crash Captured On Cellphone Video: 'I'm So Scared Right Now'

“No one ever thinks it’s going to happen until it happens to them,“ said a 17-year-old survivor of Tuesday’s crash in Mexico.

Dramatic cellphone video shows the terrifying moments before an Aeroméxico plane crashed in Mexico on Tuesday, with all 103 people on board surviving.

Passenger Ramin Parsa’s video shows heavy rain and wind outside a window of Aeroméxico Flight 2431 as it sped down the runway at General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango. 

The plane, headed for Mexico City, struggles to climb from the runway, then crashes into a field nearby less than a minute after takeoff.

Passengers can be heard screaming on the video when the plane is buffeted by a strong gust. The video goes dark as the plane hits the ground, and children wail in fear.

“Open the door!” yell several passengers.

All 99 passengers and four crew members evacuated the plane before flames engulfed it. A pilot and a child were critically hurt, but most of those aboard had only minor injuries. At least 65 passengers were U.S. citizens.

“I had a gut feeling: just record it, just record it,” Ashley Garcia, a 17-year-old passenger from Chicago who also captured scenes from the crash on video, told Reuters. “I was like, there’s no way we are taking off, it’s too risky.”

Garcia’s video shows the plane climbing from the runway before the crash, then the aftermath. It shows black smoke billowing from the burning wreckage as survivors walk around the field, crying and hyperventilating.

“I’m so scared right now,” Garcia can be heard shouting as she takes video near the wreckage. “What the fuck is happening?” 

Garcia told Reuters that most passengers likely knew how to safely evacuate because they’ve heard it explained to them so many times by flight attendants before takeoff.

“No one ever thinks it’s going to happen until it happens to them,“ she said. “We were there for each other ... That’s how we were able to get off safely.”

Officials on Thursday were still investigating what caused the Embraer 190 passenger jet to plummet into the field. Time-lapse video shows an intense storm sweeping across Durango around the time of the crash.