Adorable French Bulldog Tries To Roar Like A Lion

By Caitlin Harrington, writer at

Being named after a famous movie star, musician, athlete, or artist can definitely have its perks. If it's an especially original name, the chances of people forgetting it are very unlikely. If you are named after someone who is looked up to and admired, immediately when you meet someone for the first time, this is what will pop into their head.

But, just like anything else, being named after a famous person also has its downside.

If you are named Arnold, people will expect you to be just as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, a thing only a few people (with names other than Arnold) have proved possible.

If you are named Taylor, after Taylor Swift, people might expect you to be a wonderful singer.

The pup in this video, Manny the Frenchie, was named after world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao, so of course he is expected to be fierce and tough, traits that aren't typically associated with French bulldogs.

To boost Manny's confidence, his owners decided to give him a lion's mane.

Manny's newfound fierceness comes out the second the mane goes on, but when he tries to give that famous lion roar, we see the sweeter, more adorable side of Manny...and it's one we hope never goes away!

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