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Updated: 26th February 2020 12:39Alyssa Ramos | HuffPost

Alyssa Ramos

Full-Time Travel Blogger (, Instagrammer (@mylifesatravelmovie), and professional waterfall chaser

Alyssa is a self-made, full-time, solo female travel blogger ( who aims to provide useful travel tips and information, and inspire others to go travel. She is a professional waterfall chaser, cheap travel hacker, and GoPro photographer (according to her), and is also currently talking in third person. Alyssa has been travel blogging for almost two years, has been to 44 countries, and has appeared in numerous press outlets for her solo travel endeavors, and establishment as a "top" travel blogger and influencer. She is also the author of the viral Huffington Post article, "Yes, I'm Pretty and I'm Traveling Alone".