Brandy Ferner

Birthing From Within Mentor & Advisor, Pregnancy and Birth Consultant, Doula and Author

As an author, Brandy's writing style is honest, unembarrassed and strives to break down the façade of "perfect" parenting. It is a balanced mix of witty and humorous with compassionate and simply philosophical - much like her favorite breakfast, a homemade green juice with a side of bacon. She represents, respects and understands both sides of the parenting coin - Waldorf and SpongeBob. She is a certified Birthing From Within mentor and leads childbirth preparation classes for parents-to-be around the Orange County area. In addition, she offers Birth Story Medicine workshops and sessions, which help women who’ve had traumatic or unexpected birth experiences find some peace by looking at their birth through a new lens. She also provides pregnancy consulting, specializing in high-risk clients, and attends births as a doula, which gives her first-hand insight into all the stages surrounding parenthood. And in the middle of all of it, she is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children who came into this world in two completely different ways.

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