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Updated: 8th January 2019 18:47

Jamie Oliver promotes Edmonton class project

Anti-chocolate milk videos produced by an Edmonton school health class have caught the eye of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who champions healthy food choices in schools.

Pro-milk message earns sweet tweet from celebrity chef

Anti-chocolate milk videos produced by an Edmonton Grade 4 health class have caught the eye of celebrity chef and nutritious school lunch champion Jamie Oliver.

The Westglen School health class made the videos to make their school mates aware of the amount of sugar in chocolate milk.

In one video, students perform characters such as an animated white milk container wondering about its popularity.

"Whose idea was it to invite chocolate milk to lunch?" it asks. "What's he got that I don't have?"

Westglen teacher Adrienne Swelander was inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. (CBC)The answer, of course, is sugar.

Beside the videos, students wrote milk poetry, drew milk graphs and spoke publicly about milk to other clases and schools.

After the project, almost 60 per cent of students switched from chocolate milk to white milk in the school milk program, said teacher Adrienne Swelander, who came up with the idea while watching Jamie Oliver's television show Food Revolution.

The show follows English chef Oliver as he attempts to reform the school lunch programs and attitudes about food in a U.S. city.

The project grew when Swelander's students decided to try to change not only the behaviour of their school mates but also children around the world, she said. 

"I'm actually way more careful about what I'm eating now," said nine-year-old Kate Manning. "I think it's actually helping us to have a better lifestyle as well as other people."

The videos caught the attention of Oliver who named it his blog of the month for May. 

Oliver promoted the videos on his Twitter account, prompting 7,500 hits to The Milk Revolution blog in 48 hours, Swelander said.

Now, Oliver has asked the class to submit a clip for a video that will be on his website and perhaps even on his final TV show of the season.

"It's basically the health lesson that went terribly right," Swelander said.

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