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Updated: 8th January 2019 11:58

Hackers target BioWare

Edmonton-based online video game company BioWare says hackers compromised the accounts of 18,000 users.

An Edmonton-based online video game company is the latest victim of hacking.

BioWare said hackers tapped into the server for the Neverwinter Night forum and compromised the account names, passwords, email addresses and birth dates of about 18,000 users.  No credit card data was taken.

In April, a massive security breach on the Sony Playstation Network affected over 100 million online accounts.

Technology expert Jesse Hirsh believes the BioWare breach was carried out by the same group of hackers.

"I mean these are the same people who hacked the federal Conservative party website around 10 days ago," Hirsh said.

"Just yesterday they hacked the Central Intelligence Agency. Really a huge range of targets, that for the most part, doesn't really have any political or even financial motivation. For the most part, they claim they're doing it just for kicks."

BioWare customers affected by the breach have either had their accounts disabled or their passwords reset.


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