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Updated: 6th January 2019 08:37

Noise Snare hits Calgary streets

The Noise Snare is on Calgary streets Wednesday. The mobile device checks the level of noise a vehicle makes.

City will issue warnings for first month, and will follow with fines of $200

If you have a noisy vehicle, you could soon be getting a ticket because of it.

The city’s Noise Snare – a device placed in an unmarked vehicle that checks the sound level on other vehicles – will be out on the streets Wednesday.

The Noise Snare will be in a number of communities known for loud cars, trucks and motorcycles.

"We’re pleased to have this tool to educate Calgarians and enforce the excessive noise vehicle provision of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw," said Bill Bruce, Director of Animal & Bylaw Services. "The limit is 96 decibels and there is no reason a well-maintained, street legal vehicle should register that loud or higher."

City council approved an excessive noise provision to its traffic bylaw last year, which means the owner of any vehicle that makes noise that measures over 96 decibels will face a $200 fine.

Nearly half of vehicles tested failed

In May, the city held an open house where Calgarians could have their vehicle noise-tested for free.

Out of 469 vehicles, 47 percent tested over the limit of 96 decibels.

The loudest came in at 122 decibels, which according to the city, would cause hearing loss if sustained for a minute or longer.

Alderman John Mar spearheaded the initiative.

"The Noise Snare gives us another tool for authorities to utilize in enforcing our existing Bylaw and provides definitive proof of violations," Mar said. "And the fact it can be easily transported to areas of complaint is a huge benefit. I’m very excited about this."

The city will issue warning issues for the first month, but after that offenders will be given a fine.

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