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Updated: 1st January 2019 08:57

Council rejects Winsport's retail plans at COP

City council voted against plans to build a large retail space on the land east and west of Calgary's Canada Olympic Park.

City council raises questions about transit and road access

People looking forward to a giant retail development in Calgary’s west end will have to wait a little longer.

City council rejected Winsport's bid to build a giant retail space, including big box stores, both east and west of Canada Olympic Park.

The new plan would replace one approved by council back in 2005, calling for a mix of office space, retail space and condos.

But numerous council members raised questions about a lack of transit, a dependence on one road to get people in and out of the site and the cost to the city of a new interchange.

Winsport officials refused to comment Monday as they left the meeting.

The rejection means Winsport can still pursue redevelopment, but only within the 2005 plan that's already been approved.

That plan includes much less retail but still includes office and condo projects.

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