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Updated: 6th January 2019 21:57

RCMP launches anti-terrorism squad in Alberta

The RCMP is bringing its counter-terrorism efforts to Alberta.

Counter-terrorism program prompted by growing population, oil and gas

The RCMP is bringing its counter-terrorism efforts to Alberta.

An Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, or INSET, made up of specially-trained police officers, is being established at the RCMP's Alberta headquarters in Edmonton.

The Alberta team will be made up of officers from the RCMP, Edmonton Police Services, Calgary Police Services, Canada Border Services Agency and Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The Alberta team, the fifth in the country, was prompted by the province's growing population, an economy driven by natural resources and the need to protect critical infrastructure, said the RCMP.

"It doesn't only focus on the international threat. We're looking as well as to domestic terrorism that exists and especially when you look here in the province of Alberta, with all the critical infrastructure, we look at right-wing, left-wing extremism," said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud.

"Environmentalists and so on are all types of threats for which we pay attention to."

Other teams, established following the events of 9/11, are located in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.


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