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Updated: 14th November 2019 05:13 Edmonton

AMA service extends to broken bikes

AMA roadside assistance will now do repairs for cyclists stuck on the side of the road.

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The Alberta Motor Association is now offering assistance to cyclists who find themselves stranded on the side of the road.

AMA spokesman Don Szarko says the trucks have been fitted with bike racks so drivers could take cyclists to a repair shop if the repair can't be done on the spot.(CBC)

The new service would see tow-truck drivers with bicycle repair know-how responding to calls from members with broken bikes.

"We'll top up your tire with air - might get you home. We can put your chain back on, we can straighten your handlebars out," said AMA spokesman Don Szarko.

He says for more serious repairs, trucks will be fitted with racks that will allow them to take the bike and rider to the nearest repair shop.

Cyclist Alan Schietzsch says he doesn’t head out on his bike without a small tool pouch in case something goes wrong on the road.

Still, he says he can’t always fix everything himself, and says the AMA service could keep cyclists from being stranded.

"You know how big the potholes are these days. If you happen to break a wheel or something like that, what do you do? It's not something you can fix yourself," he said.

Cyclist Alan Schietzsch says riders can't always carry all the parts to make big repairs while on the road.(CBC)

Others aren’t as enthusiastic.

"It is a bit of a false sense of security, I think. What are you going to do at 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock at night, all the bike shops are closed?" says Jason Wispinski, who works at Edmonton bike shop Velo City.

Wispinski says riders going on long trips need to be able to repair most problems on their own in case of emergency.

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