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Updated: 6th January 2019 08:13

Mexican suspect in Nabb beating denied bail

A Mexican man facing an attempted murder charge following the vicious beating of Canadian tourist Sheila Nabb has been denied bail.

Accused expected to appear in court again Wednesday

Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero stands next to guards during his presentation to the press in Mazatlan, Mexico. Quintero is accused by state authorities of brutally beating Canadian tourist Sheila Nabb. He appeared in court and was denied bail on Monday. (Christiann Davis/Associated Press)

A Mexican man facing an attempted murder charge following the vicious beating of Canadian tourist Sheila Nabb has been denied bail.

Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero, 28, was formally charged on Monday, Mexican media reports say. He was denied bail and could face up to 14 years in prison if convicted of the attack in an elevator that left Nabb with virtually every bone in her face broken.

According to Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, bail isn't common in Mexico and isn't available to people accused of serious crimes.

The 28-year-old is expected to appear in court again Wednesday.

Ioan Grillo, a journalist covering Mexico for the Global Post news website, said community members in Mazatlan were worried and angry about how the case could negatively affect their businesses, as many of their livelihoods depend on tourists.

Sheila Nabb and her husband Andrew are shown in a family photo. (Canadian Press )

Quintero, who also goes by the nickname El Ray, said in a public statement in Spanish and English that he was drunk and high on cocaine when he encountered the 37-year-old woman in a Mazatlan hotel.

He said the Canadian was naked when he began chatting with her in an elevator, but that he panicked when Nabb began screaming, "He won't let me out" when the doors reopened. Quintero told reporters Saturday that he had blocked her exit with his hand because he wanted to continue talking to her.

The confession before the media holds no legal weight and is a common practice in Mexico.

Blood on clothes, sandals

Nabb, who is originally from Nova Scotia but resides in Calgary, emerged last week from a medically induced coma. She was flown to a Calgary hospital and will undergo facial reconstructive surgery.

She is currently fighting pneumonia, but has not yet spoken to authorities due to her injuries, nor has she been able to identify her attacker.

Quintero was arrested Friday near his home and is under 24-hour supervision, according to local authorities in Sinaloa state.

State attorney Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez said Friday the arrest came about after police identified a suspect through a fingerprint found in blood in the elevator. Investigators found bloodstained clothes and sandals at Quintero's home, according to a spokesman with the attorney general's office.

Quintero said he was shown surveillance video of himself leaving the elevator following the attack, but contested allegations from the attorney general that that the footage showed he kicked the Calgary woman.

"I seen the video, and it does show that I put my foot back into the elevator, but it wasn't a kick," the accused told reporters. "I think I just maybe pushed her hand back in so that the doors would close and I could leave."

The victim's uncle, Robert Prosser, said the family is relieved Nabb is back in Canada but is struggling to understand why anyone would attack her.

"She's just the nicest person you would ever want to meet. I mean everybody that met her liked her," Prosser has said.

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