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Updated: 8th January 2019 23:49

Northern Gateway opponents show Pipe Dreams

As the Gateway pipeline hearings continue, opponents are highlighting the story of another pipeline.

Documentary screened in Edmonton theatre focuses on Keystone XL pipeline battle

As the Northern Gateway hearings continue, opponents are highlighting the story of another pipeline.

The documentary Pipe Dreams made its Alberta debut Saturday at Edmonton’s Garneau theatre.

It follows the attempts of American landowners to stop the Keystone XL pipeline in the southern U.S.

Washington denied an application by TransCanada to build that pipeline earlier this month, although the company is free to apply again and has announced its intention to do so.

Greenpeace’s Mike Hudema helped organize the screening. He says the story is an inspiration for opponents of Northern Gateway, the $5.5-billion project which would see bitumen shipped from Alberta's oilsands to the West Coast.  

"I think if you would have looked at this back in October of last year, everybody would have said the Keystone XL was a done deal," he said.

"But it was because of people — farmers in Nebraska, First Nations communities — that led this struggle and really made it an issue in the United States — and got the president to say no to this pipeline."

The Edmonton hearings for Northern Gateway wrap up on Tuesday.

The panel will return to Alberta for three days in Grande Prairie starting March 26.

Once the hearings are complete, the panel will make a recommendation to the federal government on whether the pipeline should be built.

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