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Updated: 4th January 2019 14:46

Calgary issues basement flooding warning

High water on the Elbow River has city officials warning homeowners about possible basement flooding.

Officials loosened the valves at Calgary's Glenmore Dam to relieve pressure on the reservoir, increasing the flow to 160 cubic metres per second, three times the normal rate. (Bryan Labby/CBC)

High water on the Elbow River has city officials warning homeowners about possible basement flooding.

City officials are knocking on doors and issuing "high water advisory" notices Friday in the southwest neighbourhoods of Elbow Park, Stanley Park, Glencoe, Riverdale, Rideau, Roxborough, Mission.

Water bubbling up in a park in the southwest community of Roxborough. (Bryan Labby/CBC)"The Alberta River Forecast Centre is predicting an increased flow in the Elbow River that could raise the groundwater table, back-up sewers and cause basement flooding in low-lying areas," according to a city press release.

The city is also recommending that boaters stay away from the Bow River.

Residents of affected areas are being advised to take these precautions to avoid basement flooding:

  • Install the cap in the basement sewer floor drain. Or stuff rags down the drain tightly enough to prevent sewage from backing into the basement. Secure the rags with a heavy object on top.
  • Plug basement toilets, shower drains, sinks, and sewer standpipe openings in the same way.
  • Move valuables and documents from the basement to an upper floor.
  • Remove newspapers from basements because wet newspaper can stain carpets with ink.
  • Do not sleep in the basement until the river level recedes.

Some parts of Highway 22X were underwater and the ramp onto northbound Deerfoot Trail was closed on Friday morning. Traffic was being redirected through McKenzie Towne.

Heavy rain has caused problems in several Southern Alberta communities, including High River, wheresome homes have been evacuated.

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