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Trump Orders Establishment of Space Force as Sixth Military Branch - The New York Times

Posted: Sun-Dec-2019

The idea has troubled lawmakers and even some members of the administration, who have cautioned that it could create unnecessary bureaucratic responsibilities for a military burdened by conflicts.

Devastating fire kills at least 43 in Indian capital

At least 43 people died on Sunday in a devastating fire that broke out in a building in a crowded grains market area in central New Delhi, police said.

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Victims of Florida navy base shooting tried to stop attacker, families say
Joshua Watson Mohammed Haitham

As families mourn the deaths of three people killed by an aviation student from Saudi Arabia at Naval Air Station Pensacola, both the U.S. president and defence secretary say it's too early to tell whether the attack was terrorism-related.

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Chinese-American freed from Iran in prisoner swap
Iran US

The United States and Iran each freed a prisoner on Saturday in a rare swap, an act of co-operation between two longtime foes whose ties have worsened since President Donald Trump took office.

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Rocket hits Iraqi cleric's home following deadly Baghdad attack

A rocket fired from a drone targeted the home of populist Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Saturday, lawmakers from his Saeroon party said, following one of the capital's bloodiest nights in recent weeks.

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Utility reaches $13.5B settlement with California wildfire victims
California Wildfires Power Shutoff

Pacific Gas and Electric says it has reached a $13.5-billion US settlement that will resolve all major claims related to devastating wildfires blamed on its outdated equipment and negligence.

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Indian woman who was allegedly raped dies after being set on fire while heading to court

A 23-year-old woman died in a New Delhi hospital after she was attacked and burned by a group of men, including two she had accused of raping her, police said.

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Sydney blanketed by orange skies as wildfires rage

A dense fog of smoke and flying ash has lingered over Sydney, Australia, for most of the past week, obscuring visibility and prompting commuters to wear breathing masks.

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White House tells Democrats it won't participate in Trump impeachment hearings

The White House said on Friday it would refuse to take part in hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives set for next week that will consider what articles of impeachment to bring against President Donald Trump.

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'We would love some action,' Greta Thunberg says at climate summit in Madrid

Greta Thunberg arrived in the Spanish capital on Friday to join thousands of other young people in a march to demand world leaders take real action against climate change.

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Saudi national suspected in shooting at Florida navy base that left four dead

A member of the Saudi Air Force visiting the United States for military training was the suspect in a shooting attack at a U.S. navy base in Florida in which four people were killed and eight were injured on Friday, the state governor and other officials said.

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At least 15 killed in Baghdad square in ongoing Iraqi protests
Iraq Protests

Iraqi officials say 15 people have been killed in Baghdad's Khilani Square as unknown assailants fired live ammunition from cars.

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Jury finds Elon Musk did not defame U.K. diver with 'pedo guy' tweet

Elon Musk did not defame a British cave explorer when he called him "pedo guy" in an angry tweet, a Los Angeles jury found Friday.

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Regulators in Canada, Europe and U.S. probe diabetes drug metformin for carcinogen NDMA
Metformin pills

Health Canada and FDA aware some metformin diabetes medicines in other countries were reported to have low levels of NDMA, a cancer-causing chemical that prompted a recall of a commonly used heartburn medication this year.

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Harvey Weinstein accused of misusing ankle monitor; $5M bail sought
Harvey Weinstein Bail Reform

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was in court on Friday, when prosecutors accused him of intentionally misusing his ankle monitor. They seek to raise his bail from its current $1 million US, to $5 million US.

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Killed UPS driver's family questions police response to chase in Florida
florida shooting

Relatives of a UPS driver killed after robbery suspects took him hostage and led police on a wild chase across South Florida questioned Friday why officers had to unleash a torrent of gunfire when the truck got stuck in rush hour traffic.

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British teen pleads guilty to throwing child from 10th-floor Tate Gallery balcony

A British teenager pleaded guilty Friday to attempted murder for throwing a 6-year-old French boy from the 10th-floor viewing platform at London's Tate Modern art gallery.

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Police in India kill 4 men suspected of rape, murder

Police in India shot dead four men on Friday who were suspected of raping and killing a 27-year-old veterinarian near Hyderabad city. The deaths of the men were applauded by her family and citizens outraged over sexual violence against women.

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Former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki to retire after Australian Open

Former No. 1 and 2018 Australian Open champion Caroline Wozniacki will retire from professional tennis after competing in Melbourne next year.

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Angela Merkel pays 1st visit to Auschwitz as German chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced a feeling of "deep shame" on Friday during her first-ever visit to the former Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where Adolf Hitler's regime murdered more than a million people.

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Transport chaos in France as strike against pension reforms enters Day 2

France faced a second day of travel chaos, shuttered schools and understaffed hospitals as unions said there would be no let-up in a strike against Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms until the president backs down.

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Reddit Suspects Russian Interference In UK
Reddit said in a statement that it has banned 61 accounts suspected of violating policies against vote manipulation. ... read more

Mass Strike Over Pensions Causes Travel Chaos Across France
Unprepared tourists faced empty train stations and closed landmarks as Paris police prepared for a major demonstration through the capital. ... read more

Brits Can't Believe U.S. Health Care Costs In Viral Video: 'Shut The Fridge!'
“Man, so if you’re poor, you’re dead," one woman said after finding out how much an inhaler would cost. ... read more

U.S. House Approves Uighur Bill Demanding Sanctions On Senior Chinese Officials
The bill requires the U.S. president to condemn abuses against Muslims and call for the closure of mass detention camps in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. ... read more

Another Royal Just Apologized For Her Ties To Jeffrey Epstein
Prince Andrew stepped away from public life recently after his connection to the late sex offender began to affect his family's work. ... read more

Trump Blasts Macron For 'Very, Very Nasty' Comments On NATO
Relations between the U.S. and France are particularly strained after the U.S. proposed introducing tariffs on $2.4 billion in goods. ... read more

Trump Says He'll Stay Out Of UK Election – Then Immediately Backs Boris Johnson, Brexit
Speaking in London on the first day of a NATO summit, Trump also denied the U.S. is seeking to open up Britain’s NHS to American competition. ... read more

5 Key Moments From Prince Andrew Accuser Virginia Giuffre's BBC Panorama Interview
For the first time on British TV, Giuffre explains how she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and forced to have sex with the royal in 2001. ... read more

Iran State TV Says ‘Rioters’ Shot And Killed Amid Protests
The acknowledgment came in a television package that criticized international Farsi-language channels for their reporting on the crisis, which began on Nov. 15. ... read more

North Korea Says It’s Up To U.S. To Choose ‘Christmas Gift’
North Korea continues to dial up pressure on Washington ahead of Kim Jong Un’s end-of-year deadline for the U.S. to offer mutually acceptable terms for a deal. ... read more

Prehistoric Puppy Found In Permafrost Still Has Its Fur And Whiskers
The estimated 18,000-year-old dog was discovered in Russia last year in frozen mud. ... read more

20 Million People Have Fled Their Homes Because Of 'Climate Chaos' Since 2008: Oxfam
Poor nations have been disproportionately impacted by climate change, a grim new report by the anti-poverty charity found. ... read more

Amazon Removes Auschwitz Christmas Ornaments, Bottle Openers After Outrage
The items, which also included Valentine's Day keychains, were deemed disturbing by the memorial that operates at the former concentration camp. ... read more

Convicted Murderer Helped Stop London Bridge Terror Attack
James Ford, who was among a group of men who ran after the terrorist, confessed to killing a woman in 2003. ... read more

Freed Taliban Prisoner Timothy Weeks Says Hope Helped Him Survive 3-Year Ordeal
The Australian academic said he believes U.S. Navy SEAL forces attempted to rescue him and fellow prisoner, U.S. citizen Kevin King, on at least one occasion. ... read more

Man Armed With Narwhal Tusk Among Those Who Battled London Bridge Attacker
Video shows an unknown man chasing the knife-wielding attacker with a makeshift spear alongside two other brave bystanders. ... read more

London Bridge Terror Suspect's Early Prison Release Under Scrutiny After Deadly Attack
British officials are asking why Usman Khan was let out of prison early after being convicted on terrorism charges in 2012. ... read more

London Bridge Knife Attack: 2 Victims, Suspect Dead In 'Terror' Incident
Two killed in a stabbing in a terror incident in central London. The suspect was wearing a hoax explosive device. ... read more

The Best Photos From The Climate Strikes Taking Over Black Friday Around The World
The global day of protest comes ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference that starts in Madrid, Spain, next week. ... read more

Iraqi Prime Minister Announces He'll Resign Amid Continuing Violence
Adel Abdul-Mahdi's statement comes a day after security forces killed more than 40 anti-government protesters in 24 hours. ... read more

Russia doping: Athletes wait in fear of fresh world ban
Russia faces another sport ban over a doping scandal, but one man has spoken out to demand change. ... read more

Vienna opera house stages first opera by woman
Olga Neuwirth has written a new opera based on Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando. ... read more

Bosnia's 'inhumane' camp conditions put thousands of migrants at risk
Migrants seeking to cross into the EU are stuck in the harsh winter of Bosnia-Herzegovina. ... read more

UK PM wants to find how UK-US trade document leaked
Labour says the documents show the NHS would be "for sale" under a post-Brexit trade deal with the US. ... read more

France's Elodie Kulik trial: Willy Bardon jailed for 30 years
Willy Bardon is given 30 years for the abduction and rape of Elodie Kulik but cleared of murder. ... read more

Auschwitz visit: Angela Merkel says Germany must remember Nazi crimes
The chancellor expresses Germany's "deep shame" on her first trip to the Auschwitz death camp. ... read more

Greta at United Nations climate talks one year apart
Life has changed a lot for the environmental activist in the space of a year. ... read more

Albanian earthquake: Ronaldo and Buffon meet young survivors
Albanian boys who jumped to safety and lost family members delight in meeting Juventus stars. ... read more

COP25: Thousands gather for change climate protests in Madrid
Organisers say 500,000 people have assembled in the city as the UN hosts key climate negotiations. ... read more

Macron pension reform: Strike continues for second day
Transport and services are affected again after 800,000 people joined national protests on Thursday. ... read more

Tate Modern balcony push: Teen admits attempted murder
Jonty Bravery admits attempted murder after pushing the six-year-old from a 10th floor platform. ... read more

Zhukov case: Young symbol of Russian opposition avoids jail
Popular activist Yegor Zhukov condemned state "autocracy", in a passionate court speech. ... read more

Stars celebrate Avicii at emotional tribute concert
Rita Ora, Adam Lambert, David Guetta and Kygo play a show to memorialise the late Swedish DJ Avicii. ... read more

Germany-Russia murder row raises tensions for Merkel
Germany wants progress with Russia on Ukraine and energy, but a Berlin murder has soured ties. ... read more

Ukraine conflict: Can peace plan in east finally bring peace?
A peace plan for Ukraine's separatist-held areas threatens to polarise the country. ... read more

In pictures: French workers strike over pension reforms
France grinds to a halt as workers take to the streets amid the largest nationwide strike in years. ... read more

German WWI wreck Scharnhorst discovered off Falklands
Armoured cruiser SMS Scharnhorst was sunk by the British in the 1914 Battle of the Falkland Islands. ... read more

Macron pension reform: Why are French workers on strike?
Hospital staff, police and transport employees join France's biggest strike in decades - but what for? ... read more

Spassky vs Fischer: How the chess battle became a theatre event
The drama of the renown 1972 chess championship and its complex characters comes to the stage. ... read more

Protests turn violent at France's pension strike
On the first day of France's union strikes against pension reforms, several people have been arrested amidst clashes between police and protesters. ... read more

Saudi Air Force member who killed 3 at U.S. Navy base had watched mass-shooting videos>
Investigators believe a social media post critical of U.S. support for Israel belonged to the shooter, law enforcement sources said. ... read more

'Rapid DNA' testing could revolutionize rape investigations ─ if the science holds up
Some critics caution that the technique is still new and may not deliver the clear results that its manufacturer claims. ... read more

Family of Robert Levinson, held in Iran 13 years, calls prisoner exchange 'bittersweet'
"We can't help but be extremely disappointed that, despite all its efforts, the United States government was unable to secure his release," the family said. ... read more

Why moderates are holding back on impeachment
Analysis: Some Democrats say they don't want to commit to articles they haven't seen. ... read more

Performance artist eats $120,000 banana duct-taped to wall
Maurizio Cattelan's creation, titled "Comedian," is meant to be "replaced as necessary," said a spokeswoman for the gallery displaying the piece. ... read more

4-year-old twins escape deadly wreckage, hike for help
The driver, who wasn't wearing a seat belt when the vehicle veered off a road, was killed. ... read more

Bloomberg bets a progressive candidate can't beat Trump. History shows he's wrong.
A progressive campaign could find itself dragged down by conflicting currents within the progressive camp. So how to align the different demands for equality? ... read more

Woman in Netherlands says she leaked secret Chinese documents on Uighur 're-education' camps
The documents were the foundation of stories last month by NBC News and journalists around the world on the inner workings of the Uighur camps in China. ... read more

Minnesota National Guard names soldiers killed in Black Hawk crash
The state reserve's helicopter remained grounded as investigators tried to determine the accident's cause. ... read more

Flu season off to a fast start, driven by unexpected virus, CDC says
The strain of influenza virus circulating widely now doesn't usually hit until Spring. ... read more

Mom of slain UPS driver says she didn't come to this country 'for my son to be killed'
UPS driver Frank Ordoñez, a father of two, was working his route in Miami when his truck was comandeered in an attempted armed robbery that ended in a hail of gunfire. ... read more

Heavyweight championship fight hit by claims of Saudi 'sportswashing'
Ahead of Saturday's world heavyweight boxing bout, human rights groups accused Riyadh of using sports to rehabilitate its image on the world stage. ... read more

After Stephen Miller's white nationalist views outed, Latinos ask 'where's the GOP outrage?'
“I would implore my Republican colleagues to join us in calling for Stephen Miller’s resignation,” says a Democratic lawmaker. ... read more

Woman in Peloton ad takes refuge by drinking martinis with friends in new spot
“Exercise bike not included,” writes Ryan Reynolds, who owns the beverage company. ... read more

Army team removes motto because of ties to white supremacist groups
The letters "G.F.B.D." were etched onto a skull-and-crossbones symbol on the Army football team's flag. The acronym stands for "God Forgives, Brothers Don't." ... read more

Billy Dee Williams says his gender identity comments were misunderstood
“What the hell is gender fluid?” The "Star Wars" actor clarified previous comments that were misconstrued as his identifying as both male and female. ... read more

House impeachment report looks at abuse, bribery, corruption
It argues the Constitution created the process as a “safety valve” so Americans would not have to wait for the next election to remove a president. ... read more

Elderly couple found dead in snow suspected to have died of exposure
A married couple's bodies were found in snow along a road in rural Arizona where a major wintry storm hit a week ago. ... read more

Man caused 'mass panic' at staging violent fight for video, police say
Police said Marcquis Graham, of Philadelphia, and four others staged a "violent altercation" and yelled about guns for a video that was going to be posted on social media. ... read more

Dentist allegedly rode hoverboard while extracting patient's tooth
"What you did was outrageous, narcissistic and crazy," the patient said to the dentist as she testified in his trial. ... read more