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Updated: 2nd February 2020 04:11LGBT rights by country or territory

LGBT rights by country or territory

Utah's Rep. Chris Stewart claims his bill will “bridge that gap” between preventing discrimination and allowing religion to inform individual decisions.
World News
Claudia López's victory in Sunday's election is being hailed as a milestone for LGBTQ and women's rights.
Lawmakers and media personalities remade "You Need To Calm Down" in response to a rise in homophobia and transphobia in Poland.
Demonstrators say the 41-year-old had received many threats connected with her activism, particularly for gay rights.

World News
Jubilant activists cheered the decision as a step forward for gay rights in Africa.
Scientist Travis Salway discovered that suicide had surpassed HIV as the leading cause of death for gay and bisexual men in Canada.
The controversial legislation means LGBTQ people can face up to 14 years in prison if convicted of homosexual acts.
The issue is whether Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination, protects LGBTQ people from job discrimination.
U.S. News
Justices refused to hear an appeal by Phyllis Young, who runs Honolulu's Aloha Bed & Breakfast.
A story written by trans activist Coy Mathis is missing from the Russian edition of a new children's book.
Maxim Neverov was initially fined for posting photos of shirtless men hugging online.
The country's anti-LGBTQ views have resurfaced ahead of a proposed constitutional amendment.
Rep. Jared Polis would be the first openly gay man elected governor in the U.S. if he wins in November.
It seems the current administration doesn't speak for most Americans when it comes to LGBTQ rights.
Ashers Baking Company rejected Gareth Lee's "Support Gay Marriage" cake order in 2014.
Gigi Chao's father offered a $65 million "bounty" to any man who would win over his daughter.
The widely discredited practice has only been completely banned in three nations so far.
Mike Pompeo has long opposed same-sex marriage and other queer rights issues.
The country has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for its treatment of LGBTQ people.
LGBTQ activists say the change would showcase the nation's diversity.