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Updated: 4th February 2020 18:03How We Live: Wellness

How We Live: Wellness

There are lots of tips out there on how to be happier, but these habits are truly worth trying.
The semiautonomous territory reported its first coronavirus death this week.
“We have launched a people’s war of prevention of the epidemic," President Xi Jinping said.
Drinking has been popularized as a form of self-care for exhausted parents. The only problem is, it's not.
A new study suggests there's a relationship between election time and voters' well-being.
Hair often signifies a sense of pride, acceptance and femininity. When it's gone, it can bring a sense of shame.
Construction crews worked around the clock to build the 1,000-bed hospital in Wuhan, the central city where the outbreak was first detected in December.
There's been a long-running war over potatoes in federal programs.
The virus’ rapid spread in two months prompted the World Health Organization to declare it a global emergency.
Along with the declaration, the Trump administration also placed a temporary travel ban barring countries linked to the virus from entering the U.S.
A new CDC report contains some discouraging stats about deaths by suicide. That doesn't mean all hope is lost.
It just proposed a radical change in the program that could cut benefits for "healthy adults."
The World Health Organization says the deadly Wuhan coronavirus that originated in China is now a “global health emergency”.
The man is married to the Chicago woman who got sick from the virus after she returned from a trip to Wuhan, China.
Asian Americans are often put under one medical umbrella, affecting available research and more. That's dangerous for their health.
The virus outbreak has killed 132 people and infected more than 6,000 people in the Chinese mainland and abroad.
If your spouse hasn't had a doctor's appointment or dental checkup in years, these tips will help get them in the door.
Like many mental illnesses, anxiety can be hidden. But panic attacks are often frighteningly visible.
There's a Yale class that teaches students how to be happy. We asked the instructor to share some of her lessons.
Hoaxes about the new coronavirus strain are popping up, complicating health officials' efforts to get the truth out about the still-mysterious illness.