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Updated: 24th November 2019 06:43How We Live: Wellness

How We Live: Wellness

Diet culture is rife with seasonal tips on overeating, but most of them just fuel food guilt. Instead, what if we just ate and moved on?
"Emma" is a red-eyed prediction of what our bodies could look like in bad jobs.
Though the two actors are now married, it wasn't exactly love at first sight.
I have, and live with, an illness that society still struggles to understand.
Dermatologists suggest their favorite products from brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe, Skinceuticals and more.
These small but sweet nighttime gestures make a big difference in a relationship.
She knows how many Americans remain wary of big changes, and is betting she can guide them there.
A new poll found that two-thirds of parents have trouble identifying the mental health disorder.
Mental health advocates have raised concerns that less comfortable environments for patients could be less healthy.
Now imagine what this means for women in Louisiana and other places with "heartbeat" abortion bills.
Mundipharma, a drug company owned by the Sackler family, used false claims to push the opioid in China.
The state's Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Juul, the U.S. market leader in e-cigarettes, engages in practices that are endangering children's lives.
Mental health professionals share how they handle frustrating relatives, heated dinner conversations and more.
The singer opened up about some health issues that might put an end to her "Sweetener" world tour.
"This study clearly goes against what has been the common wisdom for the last 30, 40 years," said one cardiologist.
The Source, a network of conservative Christian pregnancy centers in Texas, is planning to offer women certain contraceptives but won't provide abortions.
Here’s what experts think about the natural cold and flu remedy, which allegedly boosts your immune system.
The online tool, which helps women find the nearest available Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, helps "put agency back in the hands of our patients,” the nonprofit said.
Heatwaves, drought, wildfires and infectious disease threaten to undermine decades of gains in global public health.