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Updated: 16th December 2019 00:00full moon

full moon

World News
Americans haven't seen a full harvest moon on the supposedly unlucky day since 2000. This one will be teeny.
Here's how to see February's full moon — part of a trio of supermoons opening 2019.
The total lunar eclipse will be visible from coast to coast in the United States.

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On New Year's Day the full moon coincided with its point in orbit closest to Earth, creating a jaw-dropping supermoon.
By Rebecca Boyle An almost-full, half-pie, waxing moon hanging lopsided in the night sky has long been a symbol of things
This Full Moon brings us the opportunity to purge, release and let go of any fears that have stood in the way of our heart
First festival we've ever played, it's pretty exciting for us. We are made up of an Urban Cowboy, a Yung Neuroscientist, and
"A spectacular rise of the full moon just before sunset while flying over western China."
Call a gathering of loved ones together, in person or on the phone. {You can also just gather with yourself, your sacred stones/candles, and the Sun}. Have each person light a candle, representing the Light of the Sun, Joy, and the Light that is always within us.
Be aware that a full moon may affect your and your children's sleep and mood. Knowing this can help you understand if your child acts out during the corresponding daytime. Sticking with healthy sleep and nutrition routines can help minimize the effects of the lunar cycle.
Culture & Arts
As the moon waxes toward the Sagittarius Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius/Gemini at 5:14pm EST on Saturday May 21, we'll sense an acceleration that can rouse our enthusiasm, sense of adventure and warrior spirit.
Culture & Arts
When we look back at his life and career -- what we know of it at least -- he seems like he was born for a special destiny. And indeed he was.
The name has nothing to do with the moon's actual color.