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Updated: 2nd February 2020 05:32Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

World News
Americans haven't seen a full harvest moon on the supposedly unlucky day since 2000. This one will be teeny.
"Either somebody really didn't think this through... or they really did."
The singer did a folksy, country rendition of the funk and soul hit “September.”
HuffPost Video
Stephen King, FDR and Napoleon were all afraid of Friday the 13th. Here's how the date got its bad rap.

Why this missing scene haunts me: After being lost, dazed and confused in the cursed woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, a
The actress was kicked out of the restaurant for her behavior.
It's time to move our cattitudes out of the dark ages and stop demonizing America's favorite pet. The simple truth is cats make the world a better place. So if you see a black cat on Friday the 13th (or any day) consider yourself lucky. After all, the only bad luck following cats is people's superstitions.
"The Sixth Sense" is a rare example of a Hollywood film that performed well at the box office but didn't spawn a sequel. "The
On May 9, 1980, the movie 'Friday the 13th' was released. I was 15-years-old, and you had to be 17 to get into an R-rated film.
Would the result have been different had Turkey not chosen to shoot down a Russian plane which may have veered momentarily -- and this in the Turkish version, mind you -- into its territory? We'll never know.
The World Post
I was lucky enough to spend half of my twenties studying film and working with the great French filmmaker, Eric Rohmer, in Paris. As Victor Hugo says, "if you study in Paris, you are born again there."
Isis, notwithstanding President Barack Obama's singularly ill-timed claim of just a few days ago, is decidedly not contained after a year of American air strikes and stop-and-start ground action. Chaos is again in the saddle.
Weird News
Things won't be this odd again until January 3, 2105 (1/3/05).
But don't worry.
It’s hard to argue in favor of the CG. Watch this trailer: The scary visual is one of the best tools to utilize in horror
One thing is clear -- no one saw this film's ridiculous success coming -- especially Akkad, who has gone on to produce several Halloween sequels and more. Before we get to the interview, know this: some 35 years-plus later, the film has made its money back more than 200 times.
5. Get lost. It's rude to be late to anything, and finding yourself on a dusty, deserted road, with no idea where you are