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Updated: 10th November 2019 03:08Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice

Police say Semaj O'Branty, who's in critical condition, was the unintended target of a drive-by shooting hours after the mayor announced plans to tackle gun violence.
Mexican officials said Wednesday afternoon that a person they arrested is not linked to the deaths of three American women and six children.
Adam Curtis Williams was wanted for allegedly stealing James and Michelle Butler’s truck and driving it to Mexico.
Kim Kardashian andRihanna are speaking up for a Black man convicted by an all-white jury in the murder of a white woman. Doubts have emerged about his guilt.

"What trash are you speaking?" Adrian Richard Vergara reportedly asked the teen refugee before attacking him on a trolley.
Charles Russell Rhines died by lethal injection in the 1992 fatal stabbing of Donnivan Schaeffer, despite accusing the jury of anti-gay bias.
A man and a woman were seen driving James and Michelle Butler's truck across the U.S.-Mexico border after the Butlers disappeared.
The protest follows disturbing videos showing police allegedly punching teens on a transit platform and storming a subway car with guns drawn.
News outlets report 52-year-old Belinda Gail Fondren was charged with filing or maintaining false public records.
U.S. District Judge Miranda Du in Reno said in her ruling that she empathized with three women who claim they were victims of sexual violence in Nevada and other places.
St. Louis County’s police chief is now facing calls to resign after the jury's award to Sgt. Keith Wildhaber in his discrimination suit.
A judge has ordered Salvatore Anello's arrest for the death of 18-month-old Chloe.
Brandon Ray Gonzalez, 23, faces a capital murder charge in Saturday night's shooting that left two people dead and a dozen others injured.
Jarrod Ramos, accused of killing five newspaper employees in June 2018, is asserting Maryland's version of an insanity defense.
The officers allegedly had their guns drawn at the man, prompting criticism that they left passengers fearing for their lives.
The former "Desperate Housewives" star will also have to pay a $30,000 fine and do 250 hours of community service.
The New Mexico police officer accused the girl of assaulting a school administrator. "This proved not to be true,” his police chief later said.
The attorney general said the FBI will host a training session as officials work to “identify, assess and engage potential mass shooters before they strike."
A 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
The information would be added to a massive FBI database used by law enforcement hunting for criminals, a Justice Department official said.