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Updated: 10th November 2019 17:23anders behring breivik

anders behring breivik

He was detained before appearing at a far-right conference over fears his "hate speech" could trigger violence, an official said.
After the Christchurch attack, New Zealand faces the question of how to deny the accused shooter a platform to spread hate.
The Christchurch massacre was built on existing far-right memes that fueled a live-streaming gunman's viral aspirations.
The law would go into effect about a decade after the 2011 mass shooting on Utoya island. Norway hasn't had another mass shooting since then.

The court determined the killer has "not been, subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment.”
Unni Turrettini's book The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer: Anders Behring Breivik and the Threat of Terror in Plain Sight (Pegasus Books, November16, 2015) impressed me with its extensive research and insights that she has on the motivations of that deadliest of killers, the lone wolf.
All told, The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer is compelling, frightening and worth reading. Her take is even handed, sometimes
Three days ago, on July 22—five years to the day of Anders Behring Breivik’s mass killing of seventy-seven people in Norway
Breivik is suing the Norwegian government over what he considers inhumane treatment.
Explanations of the hints: Nearly triple advantage: Clinton's delegate count was nearly triple Sanders' after Super Tuesday
Is ISIS medieval? However much ISIS is committed to returning the world to the seventh century, their atrocities have a more complicated genealogy that stretches from the beheadings of the Middle Ages through the tortures of 18th-century France all the way up to the present day.
We've been told that terrorism is hard to fight because while you can kill a person, it is hard to kill an idea. By the same token, terrorists can kill people, but also fail to destroy ideas.
Current year's Eid al-Adha calls for a conversation among Muslims and all global citizens. We intend to prompt the global conscientiousness regarding the need to help the needy as well as confront those committing crimes against their fellow man and our shared earth.
"Through the atrocities he committed, Anders Breivik put to test our democracy and our legal institutions," wrote Ottersen
Kristian Vikernes, who is also a convicted murderer from Norway, had in the past received a copy of a manifesto from Breivik
From the massacre of all its defenders, "Remember the Alamo" became the call to victory. Executing all the defenders of Srebrenica and expelling all its Bosniak residents was the tactic that was intended to also wipe away all of Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Are we placing too much emphasis on ideology and/or alleged grievances rather than the mindset and social development of the perpetrators?
Breivik, a self-styled warrior against Muslim immigration, killed eight people by bombing the Oslo government headquarters