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Updated: 10th November 2019 21:46abu bakr al baghdadi

abu bakr al baghdadi

Americans continue to disapprove of his foreign policy, the survey finds.
The group identified the new leader as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi.
The photo tweeted by president shows the dog Photoshopped over the image of Medal of Honor winner James McCloughan.

The ISIS leader was killed during a U.S. raid in northern Syria, President Trump announced Sunday.
Conan O'Brien grilled the editor for other doozies that replaced "austere religious scholar" to describe the leader of the self-described Islamic State.
Studies of leadership decapitation suggest groups like ISIS often find ways to survive.
The ISIS leader's death is a signature achievement of his presidency, but Trump's official account of the terrorist's downfall has come under scrutiny.
The president poked fun at the House intelligence chairman's concerns about not being previously notified of the military raid targeting the now-dead ISIS leader.
Gen. Mazloum Abdi, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, reportedly credited a Kurdish source for providing vital information in the fatal raid.
The president praised the canine for aiding in the operation that resulted in the death of the leader of the so-called Islamic State.
The reality show president treats somber moments like cheap action movies.
One of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's closest confidants gave Iraqi intelligence teams information on how the Islamic State leader evaded capture for so many years.
Abu Hassan al-Muhajir was killed hours after his boss, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, died during a U.S. raid in northern Syria.
The daring raid was the culmination of years of steady intelligence-gathering work — and 48 hours of hurry-up planning.
"Emperor Palpatine, austere holder of emergency powers and advocate for democracy, died after a fall."
The House speaker demanded that the White House brief lawmakers on the operation, which led to the death of the ISIS leader.
In the graphic account of the so-called Islamic State leader's death, the president described him as having been "whimpering and crying and screaming.”
President Trump said he didn't alert "some" congressional leaders ahead of the U.S. operation that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.