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Updated: 9th November 2019 10:41Health


When 1% of its population was caught in the grips of a heroin epidemic, Portugal took the radical step to decriminalize drugs. It worked.
Coping with rejection, frustration and low self-worth can take a toll on both partners in the relationship.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called the discovery a "breakthrough" in the investigation into the outbreak.
According to the CDC, at least 37 people have died from vaping-related causes this year, as of the end of October.

Your financial woes could literally be making you sick.
The finding by Abbott Laboratories scientists “tells us that the HIV epidemic is still ongoing and still evolving,” an epidemiology expert said.
The man, who was injured by an IED in Afghanistan, has regained near-normal erections and the ability to have orgasms.
Gilead Sciences made $3 billion selling the drug, used to prevent the spread of HIV, last year.
The Health and Human Services' "conscience" rule would have allowed health care workers to refuse to treat patients based on moral and religious beliefs.
“I was the wildly controlled drug addict and alcoholic," the actor told Variety of her struggles.
The superstar got candid about trauma and PTSD in a powerful new Elle magazine interview with Oprah Winfrey.
The effort to overturn the ban suffered when e-cigarette company Juul pulled out of the campaign.
Ordering your own medical tests and at-home DNA kits can lead to its own set of problems.
Billions are spent on it each year, but people need more flexible options and timelines.
The "Girls" actor thanked her cane in a poignant post on Instagram.
Most counties in the U.S. don't have a single child psychiatrist, new research says.
Experts explain just what's happening to you physically and mentally when you do 26.2 miles.
A federal judge in Oregon temporarily blocked the proclamation that would have required prospective immigrants have health insurance or the funds for medical costs.