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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Voting Rights Act

Voting Rights Act

Data shows Texas officials have quickly closed polling places in some of the most diverse, rapidly growing regions of the state.
Civil rights groups say voters in a Georgia city will be intimidated from casting a ballot if they have to go to the police station to do so.
Places that were subject to federal supervision in the past still appear to be removing voters more aggressively today.
The racial gerrymandering case in Texas was seen as a test of the remaining power of the Voting Rights Act.

J. Christian Adams, who served on Trump's voter fraud commission, helped author a report that published the citizens' personal information online.
The Georgia Democrat argued that a 2013 Supreme Court ruling led to voter suppression tactics that targeted people of color.
The Senate minority leader outlined the priorities on the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," the 1965 voting rights march where protesters were brutally beaten.
Democrats released a new formula for determining which jurisdictions need to have their voting changes cleared by the federal government.
After taking control of the U.S. House, Democrats are trying to compile evidence that shows voter suppression is a much larger problem than voter fraud.
A former Justice Department lawyer said a recent reversal in DOJ's position is "appalling."