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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00United States Congress

United States Congress

The former CIA operative is now facing over-the-top attacks in a neck-and-neck race with Teresa Leger Fernandez in New Mexico.
The Democratic members of Congress questioned the timing and motivation of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick “unprecedented removal.”
Jerome Powell cautioned that longstanding recessions could "weigh on growth for years to come" and urged Congress and the White House to act.
The court's decision in Trump v. Mazars could change how Congress can investigate the president.

Key lawmakers say they support the idea, but real enthusiasm for it seems lacking.
The COVID-19 crisis has all but closed Congress since late March, a longer absence than during the 1918 Spanish Flu or the 2001 terror attacks.
Some House members are frustrated they can't do more — or that they don't have a seat at the negotiating table.
“Lawmakers planning future relief packages can’t forget about the women trapped at home with their abusers,” said one advocate.
There are growing bipartisan calls for federal help for states facing billions in lost revenue amid the crisis.
The Federal Reserve could oversee an economic recovery or a once-in-a-century heist. It has the power to choose.