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Updated: 16th November 2019 20:29Middle East

Middle East

Israel and a Palestinian militant group, Islamic Jihad, reached a ceasefire.
The two presidents will meet as the first public hearing of the House's impeachment inquiry unfolds.
Erdogan warned European leaders they should "revise their stances" toward Turkey, where scores of the militants are imprisoned.
The incident threatened to unleash a fierce round of cross-border violence with Palestinian militants.

“What I see right now troubles me," Rice said regarding reports of an unofficial U.S. policy being carried out in Ukraine.
The humanitarian group has been vilified by the Syrian government and its allies, including Russia.
'We’ve made mistakes too, right?' said Dara Khosrowshahi. He later expressed regret for his remark.
Over 40 aftershocks rattled the rural region nestled in the Alborz Mountains, and residents rushed out of their homes in fear.
Netflix removed an episode from its Saudi platform that featured Hasan Minhaj criticizing Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over Jamal Khashoggi's murder.
The charges against the two men raise concerns about tech companies' ability to shield critics' identities from oppressive regimes.
A new campaign email from the Hawaii representative dovetails with her past conspiracy theories and fear-mongering.
Foreign adversaries may use social media campaigns, disinformation operations and cyberattacks to impact 2020 elections, federal officials warned.
The move is Iran's latest step away from its nuclear deal with world powers since Trump withdrew from the accord over a year ago.
Melpomeni Dina was a teenager and an orphan when she risked her life to hide and protect the Mordechai family.
Demonstrators continued to demand government reform nearly a week after Saad al-Hariri resigned as prime minister.
The company's shares will be traded on Riyadh’s Tadawul stock exchange.
The military operation wasn't so very scary because there were no vacuum cleaners, Conan the K-9 commando explained in a translation from Cecily Strong.
Sanders' idea linking U.S. aid to Israel's conduct “has no support here on Capitol Hill,” said a Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Saad al-Hariri stepped down after a Hezbollah-aligned group attacked protesters in Beirut.
More than 800 demonstrators were also wounded during the attack, medical and security sources say.