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Updated: 14th November 2019 06:47Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong Protests

The young fan's bait-and-switch move at the Lakers-Clippers game was genius as demonstrators had their say amid NBA tensions with China over free speech.
Pulling the bill met one of the five demands made by pro-democracy protesters.
Apple is facing blowback for deleting an app used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The mask ban applies to all public gatherings, both unauthorized and those approved by police.
Police said Tsang Chi-kin, 18, will be charged for attacking cops. Thousands have rallied in support of the teen and have called for police accountability.
Members of a pro-democracy group were granted bail Friday, but authorities in Hong Kong are continuing their ban on non-authorized rallies.
The actress posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo that she supports "the Hong Kong police."
Robert was arrested after the climb and taken to a nearby police station.
Protesters have clogged the city's streets in recent weeks demanding that she withdraw the controversial legislation and resign. She has refused to do either.
Police fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters who stormed the legislature on Monday, the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong returning to Chinese rule.
Some of Hong Kong's pro-independence activists have enraged China and done the city -- and the democratic values that make it unique -- a disservice.
The demonstrations paralyzed many streets of the Chinese-ruled city in 2014.
What effects does the middle class have on a society and its political structure? Can they unhinge social norms and bring upon social reform?
This isn't the first time this has happened.
They're now launching attacks via Dropbox, Google Drive and other file-sharing services.