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Updated: 14th November 2019 06:50China


Foreign adversaries may use social media campaigns, disinformation operations and cyberattacks to impact 2020 elections, federal officials warned.
Barkley called out "holier than thou" politicians for hypocrisy on China.
The Vice President singled out Nike for removing Houston Rockets merchandise from stores in China after Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey's tweet.
Trump claims an unfinished deal with China will mean $50 billion a year for U.S. farmers — but his own administration admits that figure is for two years of sales.

The young fan's bait-and-switch move at the Lakers-Clippers game was genius as demonstrators had their say amid NBA tensions with China over free speech.
Pulling the bill met one of the five demands made by pro-democracy protesters.
Apple is facing blowback for deleting an app used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.
The Los Angeles Lakers forward chastised the Houston Rockets general manager and his comments supporting pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters.
Some American farmers are not ready to vote for President Donald Trump in 2020 even after he said he was settling his trade war with China,
The Lakers forward shared his thoughts on the Houston Rockets general manager's tweet in support of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.
The 2020 Democrat's comments at a UFCW forum came hours after his son Hunter Biden resigned from the board of a Chinese-backed firm.
"Foreign countries should stay out of American elections," the Republican senator said.
His attorney says Hunter Biden pledges to avoid conflicts of interest should his father be elected president.
The basketball league threw in the towel Friday after getting engulfed in a free speech controversy in China.
Republicans defended the president's suggestion that China should investigate Joe Biden as a joke. But Trump isn't laughing.
"Basketball questions only," the official said when stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook were asked about free speech.
The Comedy Central cartoon responded in classic style after it was banned in China.
“Your statements come at a time when we would hope to see Americans standing up and speaking out," the legislators wrote in a letter.
Commissioner Adam Silver told press that the NBA is committed to free speech after China rebuked Rockets GM Daryl Morey for supporting protestors in Hong Kong.