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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Relationships

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Etiquette experts share faux pas to avoid while working out.
Should this guy have shared one of his two cake pops or nah?
The NFL star and the pro soccer player tied the knot in the Bahamas.
Experts give us the lowdown on a very annoying penis problem.
The actor and his wife, Tasha McCauley, have two sons.
The singer also appeared to confirm the release date of her upcoming album.
The elusive street artist's latest piece in Bristol, England, has already been defaced.
"You make even the coldest days feel warm," the former first lady captioned her cute snap of Barack and their daughters playing in the snow.
Office romances impact everyone in the workplace, so it's best to conduct them wisely.
Texans Brian, Lori, and Geli searched Colorado to find their dream home on an episode hailed as "progressive" by some fans of the HGTV show.
The elusive street artist has a lot of history with the location of his latest piece.
Stella Meghie’s latest film, starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield, brings love to the forefront with 1990s and 2000s vibes.
"I knew in my gut that I wanted to experience sexual intercourse within a mutually loving and committed relationship."