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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Islamophobia


The Tennessean and its parent company, Gannett, fired an advertising manager for approving the full-page, anti-Muslim ad for publication.
Mark Kevin Lloyd has a history of making Islamophobic statements. Civil rights groups want him out.
Far-right groups and websites across the globe have taken advantage of people’s fears and vulnerabilities in order to push disinformation to vilify Muslims.
Extremists exploit dependence on video conferencing during the pandemic to spread anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of hate.

OFILM, a tech supplier that employs Uighurs under highly restrictive conditions, touts customers like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP, LG and Huawei.
The same week Trump refused to address horrifying anti-Muslim violence in India, a conservative conference honoring him is awash in Islamophobia.
Since 9/11, politicians haven't been held to account for the harmful Islamophobic programs they've put in place.
Jeremy Christian faces decades of jail for stabbing three people and hurling anti-Muslim insults at two black women on a Portland train.
The 2020 candidate has a problematic record when it comes to policing and violating Muslim civil rights, they say.
The Center for Security Policy has claimed “Sharia-supremacists” are working “with leftists to destroy the United States."