10/13/2019 06:47 EDT | Updated 10/13/2019 08:30 EDT

‘SNL’ Gives Oscar The Grouch A Gritty Origin Story In ‘Joker’ Parody

"Saturday Night Live" host David Harbour plays Oscar, a grumpy garbage man who's disillusioned with Sesame Street's crime and darkness.

“Saturday Night Live” has given Sesame Street’s resident grouch Oscar the gritty origin story you never knew he needed.

Parodying “Joker,” the new film about Batman’s nemesis directed by Todd Phillips, SNL’s “Grouch” featured host David Harbour as Oscar, a grumpy garbage man who’s become increasingly disillusioned and agitated by the crime and darkness around him.

“If everybody calls you trash, and everyone treats you like trash, why don’t you become trash?” declares Harbour’s Oscar before he descends into his new home, the garbage can. 

The short reveals the darker side of Sesame Street and some of its most beloved characters. There’s Count von Count, adding up his pills on a street corner, and Cookie Monster panhandling for cookies. Snuffaluffagus is a pimp and Big Bird a peep-show dancer.

And what dark fate awaits Ernie and Bert when a gunman demands Ernie hand over his beloved rubber duckie? Watch the clip above to find out.