09/09/2019 06:16 EDT | Updated 09/09/2019 07:46 EDT

Netanyahu Botches Boris Johnson's Name, Official Video Attempts To Cover It Up

The Israeli prime minister referred to his British counterpart as "Boris Yeltsin." But the blunder was conspicuously edited out of an official video of his remarks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been mocked on social media for mistakenly calling U.K. leader Boris Johnson by the wrong name — and then attempting to cover up his blunder with a clumsily edited video.

Netanyahu, who met with Johnson in London last week, made the error during a Sunday meeting with his cabinet. 

“I’ve returned from a very pleasant visit in London, where I’ve met with Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin and the U.S. defense secretary,” Netanyahu said, using the name of the former Russian president who died in 2007

Netanyahu’s ministers immediately interjected, pointing out his mistake. 

The Israeli leader reacted with a grin and corrected himself. “Boris Johnson,” he repeated, adding that he’d merely been checking to see if everyone was paying attention. 

Though Netanyahu appeared to shrug off the slip of the tongue, the gaffe was conspicuously missing from an official video of the meeting later released by the prime minister’s office. 

The video shows Netanyahu speaking of his recent visit to the U.K. ― but instead of his Yeltsin flub, footage of Netanyahu saying “Boris Johnson” was spliced in. 

Netanyahu ― who is days away from a do-over election ― was teased for his blooper on Twitter.

A doctored image of the prime minister’s reelection poster was circulated on the social media platform. The poster originally showed Netanyahu shaking hands with U.S. President Donald Trump, but the fake images showed the Israeli leader getting chummy with Yeltsin instead.