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Updated: 19th November 2019 08:17HuffPost - Breaking News, U.S. and World News | HuffPost

Executive producer Nicole Kassell explains why the HBO series was always political.
A newly elected socialist city councilman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, wants to make transit totally free to residents.

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"Carmakers that have chosen to be on the wrong side of history will be on the losing end of CA’s buying power."
"We lost the baby," the actor revealed ahead of his performance on the ABC dance competition show.
Instead of having to learn how to break free from society’s confines, I want my little one to be able to simply be.
Nick Akerman says an upcoming public hearing in the impeachment inquiry against Trump will prove pivotal.
KPMG, Barclays and other business have vanished from the Pitch@Palace website amid the prince's ties to Jeffrey Epstein.
There was a distinct fart-like sound as Rep. Eric Swalwell spoke with Chris Matthews.
Cavuto also explained what constitutes "fake news" in his direct address to the president.
The CNN host explained how he knows Trump won't testify in the impeachment inquiry with a tongue twister.
American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks were released in exchange for three Taliban prisoners.
Prosecutors say Patrick Carlineo told a staffer the congresswoman was a “terrorist” and threatened to shoot her.
Despite ridicule, Gov. Kristi Noem defends quirky campaign to battle "epidemic" of methamphetamine abuse in her state.

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